A Perfect Recipe for Meaningful Present

First of all, a heart-felt apology to all those people who have road-map to another five or ten odd years etched clearly in their mind. I, honestly speaking, never got the correct answer in my mind when anybody asked me, ‘Where you see yourself after five years?’ Not that I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person or never made plans, but there is certain degree of shallowness that creeps in when we answer such hypothetical questions.

Beat the challenges of today

If one just overlooks the problems spread around, and does not find solution to them, then they turn into a dreadful burden too heavy to carry. So, working within the limiting conditions to curb the problems before they over-grow is very much important. A person is likely to miss a lot in terms of learning if he allows the problems to stay and grow. Thus, planning for future has its own place, but the importance of challenges of today can never be undermined.

Long tasks need perseverance

It is important to stick to the work plan as long as possible. There are many projects where something done each day contributes to meeting successful culmination. So, instead of showing desperation for reaching the end, if each module of the project is performed perfectly, you will have a lot to clap for in the future. Thus, for long term projects, each day counts! This rule is fully applicable to business environments where plans are spread over years, but people need to contribute daily towards their accomplishment.

Dreams never reach their expiry date

Yes, when you are working with awareness, making the best of everyday, you are surely going to stay alive to see your dreams fulfilled. Every person dreams, but the exceptional are those who work towards achieving them. So, when you work sincerely towards your dreams, you realize the importance of every day that goes into making them a reality.

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Savouring present is very much important. You are in a certain situation because either something went wrong or your plan just materialized. There can be only two such conditions. So, your present is always a result of what you did yesterday. This is the reason I feel that making the best of today is the best strategy, because a lot that happens in coming years is dependent on how we fare at the present.

Therefore, it is important to give your hundred per cent to whatever you have in your plate at present than making castles about what is going to happen in future.